Return of premium wood fencing.

There has been a renewed interest in premium wood fencing in the Lakewood/Long Beach Areas this year. People are getting outside and landscaping again, and no better way to start than by choosing a premium wood fence. There are several new materials to choose from, including synthetic and vinyl material. That being said its still hard to beat the natural beauty of Redwood Fencing. You can really see this beauty by using a clear and smooth grade of Redwood. There are also many premium stains that help to protect and enhance the wood and at the same time give it a tint or color while still leaving the wood grain visible. The key to a premium wood fence is the wood. Your contractor must be familiar with the best wood mills in order to select only the best materials. TheGatePro has made a name for itself over the course of four generations of custom wood fence construction. If you are in the market for a new fence or gate, feel free to give us a call!

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