Wood Fencing

With the colder and wetter months quickly approaching, many home owners will be faced with the need to repair or replace their perimeter fence. This past year due to the current economic conditions many owners postponed this necessary task. With the change in climate comes wind and rain, two factors that greatly contribute to fence damage. So the question remains, what to replace the old fence with? Well for most it will be another wood fence considering that the last one lasted 15-20 years. For most home owners that is a reasonable amount of time for the cost. Others will opt to get 50 years with a block wall for approximately 3 times the cost of wood. And then there are the synthetic or composite types of fencing which are costly and yet to be proven in every day circumstances such as maintenance and repair. We here at TheGatePro have the experience to help you in this important decision. Some styles and materials that are suitable for one home might be the wrong choice for another. Whatever your choice may be feel free to call us or contact us online:

17420 Clark Ave.
Bellflower, Ca.

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